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Data source

In all lidA study waves (2011, 2014, 2018) the participants were interviewed about their work and health in their own homes in a computer-assisted interview (CAPI). They also received a questionnaire about their current attitude towards life, which they could complete themselves. A hand grip test was additionally carried out in waves 1 and 2.


If the interviewee agreed, data linkage from external data sources is possible (see contents below). Each data source requires written consent.

- Individual administrative data from the German Federal Employment Agency was linked* in all waves.

- Individual data from the statutory pension insurance scheme will also* be available for the current wave 3.

- Furthermore, data from the respective health insurances was linked* to the survey data on an individual basis in waves 1 and 2.


* In each case, only with written consent.




To date the study has collected data on the following characteristics

(W3 = Data collection wave 3 summer 2018):



Chart 1 lidA-Study contents


For further information on the data, please refer to:


- Methodenbericht zur 1. Welle der Studie (Schröder et al., 2013) Link 

- Methodenbericht zur 2. Welle der Studie (Steinwede et al., 2015) Link 



Availability of Scientific Use File


Survey data from wave 1 and 2 (reduced version without the individual data provided by Federal Employment Agency and by the health insurances) is available as a Scientific Use File for interested researchers at the Forschungsdatenzentrum FDZ (Research Data Centre) of the Federal Employment Agency of the IAB since 2016. For more information, please visit the FDZ website.






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